Freedom Life/Meerkat transition of administration: Q&A  


Who is Meerkat?

MyMeerkat FSP (PTY) Ltd (“Meerkat”) is a trusted Financial Services Provider (FSP 50979) who has a long history working with Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) as a policy administrator. Your Freedom Life Funeral Insurance policy will still be insured by OMART. OMART is a member of the Old Mutual Group. MyMeerkat FSP (Pty) Ltd will take over the cell ownership and become the intermediary.

Meerkat is administering your Freedom Life policy. Please note that Extended Family members need to be your biological relation. For the purpose of the policy an extended family member is defined as one of the following in relation to the policyholder:


Biological sibling of the biological parents of the policyholder or spouse

Brother/Sister or Brother-in-Law/Sister-in-Law

Biological sibling of the policyholder or spouse

Son / Daughter or Son/Daughter- in- law

Biological child of the policyholder or spouse and which do not qualify as a child dependent because of their age.


Biological parent of a biological parent of the policyholder or spouse.


Biological child of a biological child of the policyholder or spouse.


Spouse of policyholder’s biological parent/Spouse of the biological parent of the policyholder’s spouse.


Biological child of the policyholder’s spouse and which do not qualify as a child dependent.


Biological child of a biological sibling of the policyholder


Biological parent of the policyholder or of the policyholder’s spouse.

Who insures my funeral plan?

Your Freedom Life Funeral Plan is insured by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART), part of the Old Mutual Group which has been around for an incredible 175 years and is one of the biggest Insurance groups in South Africa.

Will I keep all my benefits?

Yes, all your benefits will remain the same for as long as you have your policy.

Who do I need to contact if I need to make changes, have queries or need to claim on my policy?

From 16 May 2022 all policy administration will be carried out by MyMeerkat FSP (Pty) Ltd. Our contact details are as follows:

  1. Contact number: (021) 003 4521
  2. Email –

Will I receive new policy documents?

Because the insurer on your policy does not change, the policy documents that you received when you took up the policy are still valid, and you will not receive any new documentation.

Will this policy administration transfer process to Meerkat mean that I need a new debit order instruction?

No, your debit order will run as usual, on the debit order day you chose for your Freedom Life funeral plan.

Will my payment method remain the same?

If your policy payments are made via Shoprite Stores or EasyPay, this will continue with no changes. However, should you use 1Voucher this will be discontinued and you will need to switch to debit order.  A Meerkat consultant will contact you to facilitate this process.

Will Meerkat have all my information and policy history?

As part of this process Freedom Technologies (Pty)Ltd will be transferring all your information and policy transactions to MyMeerkat FSP (PTY) Ltd so that we can provide you with the best possible servicing experience.

Will I be able to change my cover on my existing policy?

No material changes are permitted to your existing Freedom Life plan. You will need to apply for a new Meerkat Funeral Plan.

What is Insurance fraud?

Insurance fraud occurs when someone knowingly deceives an insurance company to try to obtain an insurance benefit to which they are not entitled, and most of the time that includes taking out and paying for a benefit on your behalf.

What is impersonation fraud?

Impersonation is when somebody pretends to be the policyholder and obtains insurance in their name.

But what happens if my family member cannot speak for themselves?

Our policy contract only offers cover to the policyholder who is the applicant.

Why should I be concerned about fraud as a policyholder?

People who impersonate you to apply for a policy are committing fraud. This may be dangerous for you as fraudsters may commit a crime to claim on the fraudulent policy, through murdering you.

Who can take a policy?

Our policy contract only offers cover to the policyholder who is the applicant.

If fraud is identified what happens to the policy ?

The policy will be cancelled and the insurance cover will cease immediately.

 If fraud is identified what happens to the person ?

You can be prosecuted if you knowingly committed an act to defraud and you make a misrepresentation (written or oral) with the knowledge that is untrue. You can be fined, sent to jail and/or given a criminal record.

If my policy is cancelled due to fraud will there be a premium refund?

No, you have been provided cover for the duration of your policy until we have identified the fraudulent activity. If we had not identified the fraud, you would have submitted a claim. There will be no refunds. You cannot be refunded for having participated in criminal behaviour.

 How can I confirm my identity?

You will be required to provide documented proof to confirm your identity as the policyholder, e.g.

  • A copy of your identity document
  • A selfie photograph
  • Proof of address

You may be required to change your payment method to DebiCheck.

What happens to my cover, once I confirm my identity as the correct policyholder?

The policy and insurance will be reinstated with immediate effect, without any additional waiting period, once the premiums are up to date.

Save our contact details:

021 003 4521


MyMeerkat FSP (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider, FSP 50979. Underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART),  a licensed life insurer as per the Insurance Act .